Friday, January 9, 2015

Please Buy some hope

All this motion and noise all around me could just squeeze me into a dot, and you will not know which dot to unfold. I'm hoping against hope that you will not sway with these winds, that you will listen to the blind motion and see through the noise and arrive at an understanding that I was here, and I'm hoping for you to hope that I will break through whatever it is that I've turned into.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Right now, I am indebted to you like rain-drops are indebted to surface tension. The only difference is that I tend to leak in between formulas and experiments. I don't always do it, of course; I do it only when I need some air, and oh, when you intend to define me.
You see, you depend on your formulas, your formulas depend on conditions, and the conditions depend on everything. So I'm just thinking of leaving this. As for the debts, they'll disappear too, they were conditional to begin with.
And I'll breathe and may be, flirt with the sky; raise my feet up and laugh at stupid flasks.