Saturday, May 3, 2014

Until next time

To you I've run a million times, to you I've submitted myself over and over again. I dawdle over people and things and reserve my impatience for you, for that is what you mean to me: the intransigence I can afford to turn into. You're my idea of the urgency to collide. I don't care how it contradicts the concept of belonging to something. If I'm the pointer ticking on the clock of our lives, you're not every second of it, you're the occasional time I reach. I don't care how it contradicts the rightful need to freeze time. You're a moment I have to deserve, not a lifetime stretched and held by law. So I let you leave, so I let me leave, so I let room for acknowledgement of what a moment can mean. And I'm running. But this time around, I won't see you soon for impatience is trying to burn the other pages I've lived, and if I let it, you'll also mean a conflict to me, and I'll never be able to submit. So I have to work harder. So I'll see you after a while.

My Refuge

From time to time, neither pyjamas nor uniform can keep me contained; from time to time, my cargo of bitten nails impose the kind of tax I can only welsh on, my cape of endurance is ragged all of a sudden and it violates the sanctity it's supposed to stand for, and the circumstances repudiate my sacrifices in the past and leave me with one option: to run and hide. So from time to time, I simply run to you inbox.