Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just for the fun of it

You asked me to be less philosophical and more practical, more to-the-point. You asked me to abandon the spaces I carry around, and move in to a box you could carry around. You asked me to cloak my transparent mood and reciprocate a bit of the crowd’s charm. You asked me to bleach my thoughts and colour my responses.

I listened, played by the game you designed. I danced, tapped at the demands you changed. I knew better but I wanted to complete the joke.

And then, finally, you asked me to be me.
 And I laughed.

I obviously laughed because that was sarcasm to you from you but you need not know that; I laughed because how I laughed was to-the-point, your memory-box was sure to carry it around forever, it had every charm any crowd could ever have and it was a colourful response. I laughed.
It was a very, very practical thing to do and I nailed it, after all.

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