Friday, December 20, 2013

The Label.

You called the depths you explored, the meanings I found "a project." Now, all the moments I had seem like a score.
And suddenly the sea has no sky to reflect.


International Directory Blogspot said...
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Puzzle Piece said...

Perhaps, You now see the dark, not the stars I've been showing you.
And that hurts.

Nikita Sijapati said...

Perhaps, I got too attached. Perhaps, I expected too much.
I still love the stars but I have to accept the darkness that's still there. I have to learn to detach and love them from a distance. It hurts but I have my own existence to take care of; there, I was just letting the stars speak for me. I was growing dependent. I was giving them the power to hurt me. And that hurts.
I have to revive my own voice, while still listening to those voices.

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