Friday, May 17, 2013

Wish I were here

I doubt how I define enough is actually what enough is, so if I were to convince myself that I can go another round of your who-smiles-best contests, risking my heroism in my own story just to not be omitted from the big picture,  I will obviously make myself smile, one more time.

I doubt how I define smile is actually what smiles are, so if I were turn around all of a sudden, I might need a fraction of a second to reabsorb my expression and make room for reciprocating the expressions in air and I will definitely join the conversation, one more time.

I doubt how I define a conversation is actually what conversations are, so if I were the one supposed to make sure the lulls don’t get a chance, I will probably talk about health and relatives; movies and music and strain harder to remember everything I have overheard people talking about, leaving the philosophies and whims, the regrets and resolutions for a conversation with the walls of a rest room nearby, one more time.

I doubt smiles and conversations inedible to my actual system make a cause good enough to protest, so I will suppress my impulses, one more time.

Anyways, I will give you a good show, even if I doubt I’m here.

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