Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Menu

There’s a long list, it’s you who picks. The ingredients, the freshness, the garnishing, you judge from the looks of it. You pick and spend some time with it, and decide how often you’d like its company. (Don’t get carried away by the complementary drink alone. You don’t always get it and that’s no reason to complain.)

But everything I am stuffed with may not be exactly what you are expecting. I hope you’ve heard it too; how they say that everybody is a little bit of everything. Without mentioning the percent composition, they say so to misguide you to thinking that a particular thing could be something else, if it may please you, provided it’s given another chance, which isn’t to say it isn’t true but which isn’t to imply that that very something won’t be another race of different the day after tomorrow either, for if a little bit of everything is involved, every saint and every sinner; every dog in it will get to live a day or a moment at least.

So promises of tomorrow are a disrespect to the day after tomorrow.

That’s why it’s important to give truth a chance, and excuses a retirement.

And that’s why a repetition is a necessity. What is on display may not be everything that I am, and even more importantly, vice versa.


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