Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jokes for jokes

1. The polarity

A ruined rendezvous, you say
The rain, hurt, now disappears.

I’d let my umbrella remain inside the bag
I hope you know whose side I’m on.

It’s too big and so you rule it out,
But Blue is the blindfold

No more curses will do,
Leave past be.

2. The fool

I stretched and swung my hands around
Flirted back with the rain drops
And I secretly thought;
I gave a spectacular show,
Like in the movies

Little did I know about your secret ridicule

And now that I realize
How little you know about reacting to the unexpected
I wonder who the bigger fool is

3. The memory

The road was black and dry,
Zebra cross kept calling my name
And I ran to it, across it
From one planet to another
And nobody will ever know where it rained

And the weight of the eyes can’t crush me now
Because memory can be masked,
Trained and recycled
into something else
Because I can make up stories

Leave my lies be.

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