Monday, December 31, 2012

The problem with the way we fight

(photo by: cYabari Shrestha)

If you’re asking what it takes to rebuild yourself, I’ve heard it takes a few more hurricanes that are merciless enough to reduce your castle to sand, it takes a few more witches to make you buy ephemeral  add-ons for your reconstructed castle, it takes a few more admirations sugary enough to hypnotize you into staying dazzled and working no more, it takes a few more visits from Midas until he changes everything to stagnancy, it takes a few more attendance in parties and gatherings until you grow too busy to talk to you yourself, it takes a few more accidents that hit you in your heart. It takes a whole lot of things.

So you can just wait for pure stagnancies that will make you miss life for real. You can wait for everything to be lost until you don’t have anything anymore, if that is your idea of a new beginning.

But because I have seen hurricanes, and witches, and illusions, and phonies, and accidents, and emptiness, and I’ve been too hung up on trivial details for long enough to have made my existence almost obsolete, I’ve come to know that they don’t leave you once their job is done; they happen anyway, whether or not you are in your best form.

I’ve learnt that devastation once lived is no guarantee of defense against one more.

So what it takes, what it really takes, my friend, is detachment. 

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