Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Open Invitation

To be eaten and to let myself be eaten are not the same thing. A difference so huge should have hit your head, it's Invasion versus Invitation. 
Haven't I always given all of me? Hasn't it always been an open invitation?
And yet, you have ways to make me feel like being invaded. But even if you go nice and slow from violent and voracious now, I doubt that will account to anything.

I never intended to be an exemplar of sacrifice.
I ever intended to experiment on the science of selfishness.(Thankyou for confirming my doubts.)

P.S. Did it never occur to you that it could have been an invitation for needle and suture instead?

The oldie at the Garage

Someday, knowing that it’s not one of those yesterdays, it will painful for you to regret not having turned around and that someday, it will be useless to turn around. Those who were actually listening, someday, knowing they have waited but only been taken for granted for too long, will already have driven away.

That’s the only way you realize what (who) you had.


Sometimes, realizing that you're not a piece of junk, that life is not just dust and insects and spiderwebs, that you can do better than accepting the stagnancy, it's okay to run your engines on your own and in those sometimes, you will see, not listening to their rules also comes naturally.
It's really okay to walk away sometimes.

That's the only way you realize what (who) you have within you.