Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Short Cut

Withdrawal of my words from your memory could help me deceive myself. I don’t always give in to desperation. But today, interference seems to have more gravity than how I should just be a spectator. If I don’t, I’m just a puppet of principles, fearing which I’d rather barge into the sacred hall of hell and rescue my ball of fire, let it know it could be polymorphous. I’d rather experiment. I’d rather live and learn. I’d rather try, at the very least, to alter the consequences. Than waiting outside the gate. Than watching my words being cross-reacted to form a different race of devil. Than reassembling the ashes after the explosion.

Or you could just give me my words back.

P.S. Assume it’s a straight line.

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Rijan Maharjan said...

Why the need for withdrawal? Words are powerful, like time, can only move in one direction. Let it be as it is. Sometimes, it may seem that the words should not have been released, but looking it from a different approach, at a different time, the regret seems to fade.

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