Sunday, March 18, 2012


You can count the stars in my constellation, but you can never tell if they are just pieces, because all you think is I’m in one-piece.

You can show me the line, but you can never tell where exactly I’m standing, because all you see is me moving.

You can send me letters, but you can never ask the right question and comfort the right corner, because all you know is you’re supposed to send them.

You can prove your commitment, but you can never convince my heart when it’s no more surrounded, because all your proofs are in the pages of somebody else’s book.

I tried not to put a label on the missing connection in-between. I tried to respect differences. I tried to avoid judgments.

And you tried to make sure I give up.

I’m yet to see the light.


anonymi said...

You seek for the light, yet you fail to see that it's the absence of darkness you should be looking for.

Nomenclature is ubiquitous, the missing connection has always had a label. The question is whether you acknowledge it or not. Differences come in many flavours, which one did you pick?. As for judgement ... who are we to judge in this uncertain world?

You can opine over my commitment, but you can never see that it's not the book that matters. Neither is it the proof, one cannot do arithematic with matters of the heart.

You can assume my letters are void, but you can never appreciate their gravity, because in your quest for the light, you have obscured the periphery.

I see you moving, but you can never accept that I see you move to keep things whole, because I'm afraid I might lose you in the chain of events.

I count the stars to see if I can make out a pattern. I try to make sense of the glimmers to see if there is something beyond, something grand.

But the darkness you have bestowed upon thyself make sure I give up. And hence, I am submerged in uncertainty, shooting in the dark.

The light is within you since if you see the darkness (and thus, not see the light), you must *be* the light.

And finally, a needle is always better felt in a pillow.

Brijesh Ghimire said...

Close your eyes and see there it is not outside.

nik-ie-lah said...

You're a beautiful writer. I can feel your feelings as i read. God bless!

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