Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still after it?

Because the meaning behind my reason for dragging myself into the apparently practiced-by-all faking hysteria is fading away from a distinct rainbow to a distorted assembly of clouds, I realize it's time I let the green reflect back the light I can't seem to absorb or should I say not meant to absorb. Hither-thither a few emotions take to their heels and swing back and forth with the empty whispers, away from the boundaries I set and back to my door; and I now let them be refugees. That which I cannot control, I cannot take responsibility for too. Peek-a-boo - a shadow tries to scare the secret out of me and I choose not to chase after it but to turn off the light. My territory - can I not define it every once-in-a-while, regardless of how it might, instead, worsen the vicinity that holds me up?
And as you pack gift/s for me again, don't forget to STRANGLE it with ribbons of your favorite color.


sanjeevpraja said...

I can say you wrote this with your pure experience and thought. I love it. Thought for a while i felt if it was a piece of surrealist automatism. So ambiguous but yet perfectly jealous of style you have developed.

keep posting :D

rmaharjan said...

ahh, always a pleasure reading your blog. Awesome!

Nikita Sijapati said...

Thankyou so much!

Surakshya said...

love to read your writings... esp. kind of
steganography composition... keep it up!

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