Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It was just a plastic bag, a discarded and dumped plastic bag; a poor kid in the street was playing with. He was trying to make it fly and whether or not it agreed to fly, the immanent joy sparkling in his eyes was as remarkable as the sun. The spectacle was, however, not a mere smile inducer but a deep penetrator, a messenger saying how happiness is actually like a free bird unlike how it is generally made complicated.

There are vivid pictures in my mind of me playing with toys, as a kid. Back then, every new shining toy brought an excitement of its own but only an ephemeral one, with an underlying promise to be replaced by a new desperation. Whims always took a greater height in no time, and so do they now, for almost everyone I assume. The glittery toy is always on a next level and hence, satisfactions remain to be a distant dream.

What intrigues me is of all great people in the world, how come a boy of six or seven know the true secrets of life? A bottle of chardonnay or a trip to Las Vegas doesn't necessarily assure you the happiness you yearn for. The key to happiness is not how much you spend on it but how much of yourself you can naturally indulge in it.

What I like better is that the little lad didn't take the plastic bag back home but let it rest on a piece of land it fell upon after he'd derived as many smiles as he'd wanted from it. That inspires a new optimist in me. In my own battles of life, many I've conquered and many times I've been conquered. But, now I know it doesn't really matter how much credits you have in store to show to the world what you've achieved; true riches lie in the feelings of joy, spirits of hope and will you have flourished inside you against the compulsions to get depressed over failures and deficiencies.

So no more am I going to elongate my wish-to-have list but make the most of my what-I-have list. I am going to be happy!


rmaharjan said...

I smiled reading this post. As you suggested, may be the outcome isnt that important. We all find joy in the moment..

anonymi said...
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